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Chain wire fencing is a cost-effective solution when safety and security are important. Quality Timber stocks chain wire fencing that has a 60mm diamond mesh, and is available in 20-metre lengths with widths of 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm. Galvanised or PVC coated wire options are available, and we also stock a variety of fittings.

This type of fencing can be used to create a permanent or temporary boundary around construction sites, industrial, commercial and residential premises. It has many indoor applications, and may be used to create garage dividers, factory partitions, and secure storage enclosures and cages.

Chain wire fencing is the fencing of choice around the perimeters of football fields and tennis courts, and is also used to construct baseball screens, cricket practice nets and golf screens. It is often used road authorities to create rock fences in road cuttings, as a safety measure to prevent boulders, rocks and other debris from falling onto roadways.

Chain Wire Fencing offers a number of benefits:

  • Secure against intruders and animals
  • Durable in harsh climatic conditions, with minimal maintenance
  • Adaptable for a wide range of applications, including residential, industrial and sporting fencing
  • Flexible, and can be installed in awkward and confined spaces
  • Re-usable, allowing it to be easily dismantled and relocated
  • Affordable, the ideal temporary fencing solution
  • Extendable, as supplies of mesh in matching styles and colours are readily available
  • Unobtrusive, blending discreetly into the background
  • Quick and easy to erect

Light materials such as signs, advertising banners, dust and silt control cloth and shade cloth are easily attached to chain wire fencing.


  • All fittings available
  • 1200mm X 60dia X 20mtr
  • 1500mm x 60dia X 20mtr
  • 1800mm x 60dia X 20mtr
  • 1200mm x 60dia PVC X 20mtr
  • 1500mm x 60dia PVC X 20mtr
  • 1800mm x 60dia PVC X 20mtr

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Note: "2,4,9 & 10 available in 100mm width"


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