Parallel Pine Logs

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Pine logs are a premium grade precision peeled cca treated parallel log. Pine logs can be used for all your fencing, sleeper retaining walls, pergola, greenhouse, paddock and landscaping needs. Pine log posts are used as the main supports of a fence these are embedded into the ground to help give strength. Pine log posts give a starting point/base for your choice of fence. Pine log posts are lighter and easier to work with. The logs are also used as the cross members of the fence or wall and can also be used as pathway or garden edging. The Logs are H4 (in ground outside use) cca, which is a treatment that is a water-borne preservative, preventing decay, borers and termites.


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Note: "2,4,9 & 10 available in 100mm width"


Note: $45 set up fee for orders under 100 pailings

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