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With outdoor entertaining such a big part of the relaxed Queensland lifestyle, having a deck can really add to the enjoyment of a home, and expand the living space as well. There’s nothing quite like the beauty of natural timber for a deck. Quality Timber stocks a variety of softwood and hardwood decking timbers.

Treated Pine Decking

Pine decking is light-coloured blonde softwood that has been chemically treated to improve its resistance to decay, mould and termites. Treated pine is a cost-effective alternative to hardwood decking timbers.

Mixed Hardwood Decking

Mixed hardwood decking is a combination of several different hardwood timbers. Strong and durable, the mixture of timbers also adds an interesting colour variation to decks and fences. Mixed hardwood decking is a good solution for homeowners who are looking for good-quality timber at a budget price.

Merbau and Yellow Balau

Merbau, also known as kwila, grows in rainforests in south-east Asia and the Pacific region. It is a popular decking timber, known for its even grain and attractive rich brown to burgundy colour.

Merbau is a dense, durable timber that resists decay and insect infestation. Its natural oiliness means it is easy to care for, and lasts well under all conditions. Another popular hardwood decking timber is yellow balau. Grown in Indonesia, yellow balau is a dense and durable wood which is light brown to yellow in colour.

Applying a stain can enhance the natural colours and beauty of decking timber. Stains can be used to achieve a uniform appearance, or create richer or darker tones. Stains and oils also improve the durability and weather resistance of timber decking.


  • Mixed Hardwood
  • Merbau
  • Yellow Balau
  • Pine

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