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Barbed wire is used in the construction of security fencing and livestock fencing. The barbed wire stocked by Quality Timber is made from a pair of high tensile wire strands combined in a reverse twist pattern, with sharp barbs at regular intervals. Barbed wire constructed in this way has high strength, and resistance to breaking.

Advantages of Barbed Wire

  • Simplicity: Barbed wire fencing comprises only wire and fence posts, and is quick and easy to construct
  • Elasticity: high-tensile barbed wire is strong but resilient; it is able to expand and contract with changes in temperature, and it stretches under pressure from animals. These elastic qualities give high-tensile barbed wire livestock fences high resistance to breaking
  • Economy: Barbed wire fencing materials are inexpensive and long-lasting. Erecting a barbed wire fence is quick and easy, with minimal labour costs


Barbed wire is often used in combination with chain wire fencing. Chain wire fencing topped with several rows of barbed wire creates a high, secure fence around industrial and commercial premises, and provides an effective barrier to intruders.

Livestock Fencing

The sharp points of a barbed wire fence discourage livestock from breaking through the fence, and ensure that stock is contained within the boundaries of a property. While securely containing stock, barbed wire fencing is equally effective at keeping out other animals. While effectively discouraging animal movement, barbed wire fences are passable by humans who are able to use their hands to stretch wires and create gaps large enough to climb through.


  • Quality Timber stocks 1.57mm diameter high-tensile barbed wire in rolls of 50m length.

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