Timber Paling Fence

At Quality Timber we offer a large range of timber paling fence materials. We ensure we only source high-quality local materials, but that doesn’t mean that we have to charge high prices. We still have you covered if you are looking for affordable and cheap timber palings Brisbane and fence palings Gold Coast. We don’t just sell timber palings, we can also help you if you’ve been the search for fence palings Brisbane and timber posts Brisbane and all other materials required to complete your timber paling fence project.

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Our Heritage Range

Note: "2,4,9 & 10 available in 100mm width"


Note: $45 set up fee for orders under 100 pailings

Latest Specials

Managers June Specials

75mm x 500 of Gal Batten Screws

Now $52.40

100mm x 500 Gal Batten Screws

Now $63.90

200mm x 100mm x 3m Hardwood Sleepers

Now $45.00

200mm x 75mm x 3m Hardwood Sleepers

Now $35.00

Box 30 Coils 63mm x 15 Degree Gal Nails

Now $145.00